Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Display It!!!!!!

Okay so clearly I am obsessed with home décor, but another one of my favorite things that many of you ladies can identify with is accessories. I cannot have enough necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Nothing is worse than getting ready to go out and you know you have a red necklace to match that little pop of red in your shirt, but you just can’t find it anywhere. You find it a week later and your outfit suffered greatly for it's loss. Than it dawned on me, why not use my jewelry as art? Why had it taken me so long to realize that jewelry and home décor go so lovely together? Jewels are beautiful, colorful, and made with tons of creativity. I was going to display them out in the open for my enjoyment and it was going to be great. I am going to bet that most girls would love to walk into their rooms and see all of their favorite pieces hanging before them. Jewelry is like Bravo TV and we all can’t stop looking at it and wanting more. I am going to give you examples of how I display my special trinkets and maybe you will feel inspired to do the same thing or your own fun presentation.

A burlap corkboard offers a large amount of room for your necklaces and gives a rustic feel to your room. I know they sell this piece at Ballard Designs , but you can easily make this yourself. All you need is a corkboard (The Container Store), Burlap (Michaels), and upholstery nailheads (Joann Fabrics.) I get so many compliments on this piece!!


For my bracelets, I use this antique shelf that my aunt found for me in a thrift store. It was all white so I backed the shelf with fun scrap paper with modge podge, than I used bright neon yellow and pink paint for the knobs and edges. This display case reminds me of something I would see in a boutique and it makes me proud and happy.

Shadow boxes are typically used to present pictures, memorabilia, and collections, but why not use it for extraordinary earrings? Earrings are really interesting and vibrant and this clear case makes the perfect holder for them. I found this piece at Homegoods and I love it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Besties of Etsy

I love to find unique home decor and Etsy is my favorite place to do just that.
Etsy is an amazing world of creative fun goodies.  If you like to shop
outside of the box, than it's perfect for you.  You can find  homemade pillows,
beautiful art prints, vintage globes and more. They have so much selection that
sometimes it is hard to narrow down your search and find the perfect item. It is kind of like when you are at a restaurant with the best menu ever and you cant decide what to eat because you want everything. Below is a list of a few of my favorite Etsy shops.  All of my picks are at a great price point and are meaningful to me because they are in my home.  Shop awayyyyyyy!!!!!!

The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy  is where I find all of my beautiful watercolor prints.  They are cheerful and fun!  I own the two below.

I love Patrick Lajoie's image transfers onto wood.  How cute are these mini circle photos. 
The affirmation banner by Secret Holiday & Co.  is simple and uplifting in any space.
The honeycomb shelves by HandmadeRiot are a unique way to display your pieces.
As a mother I love the whimsical art found at Sarah Jane Studios.
Macramé hangers are such a cool way to hang plants.  I love the mini set at the M.Store. (link is being a little funny)
If you have been to my home you know I love Ikat.  YiasYias has a great affordable selection of Ikat pillows.
Last but not least are the handmade ceramics at dahlhaus.  The color dipped vases are great.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Express Yo'Shelf

Ahhhhh...shelf styling. This might sound crazy, but shelf styling for me is like yoga for someone else. I spend hours moving items until they are in the perfect spot. I recently styled my mothers shelves in her vacation home and while shopping for items to display she said "Tra, I could never do this." Until that moment I never realized it was a skill. I can’t tell you a lick about Geography, but I can style a mean bookshelf. I know shelves are supposed to be for storage, but that is boring and practical. In addition, isn’t that what closets are for? I will go through my thought process for styling shelves and give some tips. Remember this is my method, and you might take a few things from it or start at a different point and that is great! This is YOUR creative process. For me shelves tell stories. I know that may sound corny, but shelves can be about family, special moments, traveling, colors, collections and more. Also, you do not have to define your décor style. In the pictures below you will see one of my shelves has a cheerful feminine vibe and another is bohemian eclectic. My moms shelves  have an earthy beach vibe, since it's her vacation home. Scroll down and check them out at the end. I hope they get you to start moving stuff around….Namaste.
1. It is super important to empty all of your shelves and start with a clear head. 
2. Start with a favorite item to display and work around it. (picture, family heirloom)
3. You can also start with a color palette and go from there.
4. I love a white background and than displaying fun colorful items.  It helps the shelf to never seem too busy.
5. Display travel souvenirs (postcards, shells, tickets)
6. Give items height by stacking books and putting the items on top of them
7. Make sure there is a sense of balance whether it is with heights, color or textures.
8. You can use a fun background by using wallpaper.  I choose to use removable wallpaper, because I change my décor so often and it just peels right off (great for renters).
9. If you are doing a color story, make sure you use similar colors in objects in opposite areas.
10. If you are displaying books, make sure you vary the book direction so it doesn’t look too perfect.
11. It is good to vary textures by throwing in glass, silver, wicker, wood, ceramic etc.
12. My daughter is very artsy so I try to incorporate things she makes.  I don’t want to display a noodle necklace or anything so I frame her artwork and display the shells she paints.
13. Frame something cool whether it’s a piece of art, a piece of wallpaper, the blueprints to your home or a map of a special place you have been (honeymoon, first date)

Right side of shelf: (alternate book directions)
Left Side of Shelves (daughters art and shells, framed blueprint)

Upstairs Fun Feminine Shelf  (removable wallpaper, train tickets)

Bohemian Eclectic (need one more flower vase/ I made that shelf with scrap book paper and paint)

Mom's Vacation House Shelves (Tags still on...was right after I did it)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Here Goes Nothing!!!!

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about starting this blog.  Where should I start?  What should my first post be about?  I have so many different ideas running through my brain.  Here goes nothing.  I have been reading the novel , “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin and decided it was time I did something for myself to become happier.  Happier meaning I am already happy, but like Gretchen I feel there is always room for improvement.  She inspired me to start this blog.  As a mother of two awesome kids I am tempted to write about them and posts pictures of how awesome they are, but this blog is going to be about me and you and how we can create designs that makes us feel good.  (Plus isn’t posting pics of your kids what Facebook is for)  Anyway, I guess I should start off by telling you that I did not go to school for design and I am not a professional interior decorator. I honestly believe that design is something in your DNA and you don’t necessarily need a degree to have an eye and the talent for making things feel personal and special.  Some of the things I love to do on a budget and time crunch is update an old piece of furniture by repainting it and changing the knobs, backing an old bookcase with wallpaper and spray painting a bunch of picture frames to create a cohesive gallery wall.  Although I love “Restoration Hardware” and “Z Gallerie”, I am not the type of person to copy a whole room design from a furniture store.  I might buy one special piece from those stores, but I would rather think outside of the box and make it my own.  Wouldn’t you?  If you are going to like my blog, than the answer is yes.  So let’s start off by talking about a few of my favorite places to look for household items.  I love to decorate my kitchen with canisters, glasses, bowls etc.  I find myself displaying kitchen items rather than using them ( I do cook…I swear, just not with the pretty stuff). The kitchen items at Anthropologie are like pieces of art.  Speaking of art, I like to buy most of my artwork on this awesome new site I found called which features the artwork of thousands of artists from all around the world.  They also have unique and affordable pillow covers.  I get a lot of my furniture from HomeGoods, because they have a wide range of styles and you can mix and match different items to find your own eclectic feel.  I like to reupholster old chairs and make my own window treatments.  I get most of my fabrics from Etsy.  They have so many different selections and you can easily find any print from toile to ikat.  I am going to stop here and leave you with a few pictures that inspire me.  I hope you enjoy them.   Many posts to come…..I did it!