Monday, June 10, 2013

Express Yo'Shelf

Ahhhhh...shelf styling. This might sound crazy, but shelf styling for me is like yoga for someone else. I spend hours moving items until they are in the perfect spot. I recently styled my mothers shelves in her vacation home and while shopping for items to display she said "Tra, I could never do this." Until that moment I never realized it was a skill. I can’t tell you a lick about Geography, but I can style a mean bookshelf. I know shelves are supposed to be for storage, but that is boring and practical. In addition, isn’t that what closets are for? I will go through my thought process for styling shelves and give some tips. Remember this is my method, and you might take a few things from it or start at a different point and that is great! This is YOUR creative process. For me shelves tell stories. I know that may sound corny, but shelves can be about family, special moments, traveling, colors, collections and more. Also, you do not have to define your décor style. In the pictures below you will see one of my shelves has a cheerful feminine vibe and another is bohemian eclectic. My moms shelves  have an earthy beach vibe, since it's her vacation home. Scroll down and check them out at the end. I hope they get you to start moving stuff around….Namaste.
1. It is super important to empty all of your shelves and start with a clear head. 
2. Start with a favorite item to display and work around it. (picture, family heirloom)
3. You can also start with a color palette and go from there.
4. I love a white background and than displaying fun colorful items.  It helps the shelf to never seem too busy.
5. Display travel souvenirs (postcards, shells, tickets)
6. Give items height by stacking books and putting the items on top of them
7. Make sure there is a sense of balance whether it is with heights, color or textures.
8. You can use a fun background by using wallpaper.  I choose to use removable wallpaper, because I change my décor so often and it just peels right off (great for renters).
9. If you are doing a color story, make sure you use similar colors in objects in opposite areas.
10. If you are displaying books, make sure you vary the book direction so it doesn’t look too perfect.
11. It is good to vary textures by throwing in glass, silver, wicker, wood, ceramic etc.
12. My daughter is very artsy so I try to incorporate things she makes.  I don’t want to display a noodle necklace or anything so I frame her artwork and display the shells she paints.
13. Frame something cool whether it’s a piece of art, a piece of wallpaper, the blueprints to your home or a map of a special place you have been (honeymoon, first date)

Right side of shelf: (alternate book directions)
Left Side of Shelves (daughters art and shells, framed blueprint)

Upstairs Fun Feminine Shelf  (removable wallpaper, train tickets)

Bohemian Eclectic (need one more flower vase/ I made that shelf with scrap book paper and paint)

Mom's Vacation House Shelves (Tags still on...was right after I did it)

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