Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Display It!!!!!!

Okay so clearly I am obsessed with home décor, but another one of my favorite things that many of you ladies can identify with is accessories. I cannot have enough necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Nothing is worse than getting ready to go out and you know you have a red necklace to match that little pop of red in your shirt, but you just can’t find it anywhere. You find it a week later and your outfit suffered greatly for it's loss. Than it dawned on me, why not use my jewelry as art? Why had it taken me so long to realize that jewelry and home décor go so lovely together? Jewels are beautiful, colorful, and made with tons of creativity. I was going to display them out in the open for my enjoyment and it was going to be great. I am going to bet that most girls would love to walk into their rooms and see all of their favorite pieces hanging before them. Jewelry is like Bravo TV and we all can’t stop looking at it and wanting more. I am going to give you examples of how I display my special trinkets and maybe you will feel inspired to do the same thing or your own fun presentation.

A burlap corkboard offers a large amount of room for your necklaces and gives a rustic feel to your room. I know they sell this piece at Ballard Designs , but you can easily make this yourself. All you need is a corkboard (The Container Store), Burlap (Michaels), and upholstery nailheads (Joann Fabrics.) I get so many compliments on this piece!!


For my bracelets, I use this antique shelf that my aunt found for me in a thrift store. It was all white so I backed the shelf with fun scrap paper with modge podge, than I used bright neon yellow and pink paint for the knobs and edges. This display case reminds me of something I would see in a boutique and it makes me proud and happy.

Shadow boxes are typically used to present pictures, memorabilia, and collections, but why not use it for extraordinary earrings? Earrings are really interesting and vibrant and this clear case makes the perfect holder for them. I found this piece at Homegoods and I love it!

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