Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Quick Fix With Six

These days society is obsessed with what they eat, but personally I am consumed with where I eat :)  Your dining room is a major part of your home that is often overlooked.  Don't you want to eat with your loves ones in a place that you love?   Going to a restaurant with yummy food plus great decor and ambiance makes the experience even better. You should think the same towards your own home.  I will provide you with a list of the six essentials for any dining room and show you pictures of my space.  Before you get started you must figure out what you want your dining area to feel like?  I personally wanted an inviting and relaxed feel. Pottery Barn is great at what they do, but they are not you.  Make this important room your own!  You can do this by using my list and applying it to any style whether it is rustic/bohemian, modern, or transitional. 

1.  Table: (Obviously)  A table should be centered in the room to define the space.  I personally went for a farmhouse table to compliment the relaxed feel I was going for.  I had the designer use a dark stain to give it longevity and I like the contrast with my floors. A 72 inch table is usually a good size for most spaces, unless you are lucky enough to seat 8-12. 

2.  Chairs:  I chose a bench, because it is easy for the kids to sit on and I like the fact that I can push it under the table and create more room in my dining area when it's not being used.   I deliberated and deliberated about my chairs, and decided I wanted pops of color and nothing too matchy matchy.  These overdyed terai chairs from Anthropologie are fun and comfy!  You can use a chair that you currently own and go for a mix match look.  That always works as long as the styles compliment one another. 

3.  Chandelier:  The lighting is what creates warmth and I thought this mason jar piece added a touch of kitchen charm.  I like that it looks rustic and not out of a catalog.  No I didn't make this.  I do not have any electrical skills, but I wish I did!  Make sure your lighting is centered over your table and not too big for the area.  It can make your whole room look cluttered.

4.  Centerpiece:  This is a way to personal your space and be original.  I like to bring an element of nature into my rooms, so this terranium works perfectly for me.  The trivets are practical, because I use them often, and they are pretty enough to stay on the table so I dont have to go searching for them. Make sure your centerpiece is short if you have a long chandelier and vice versa.  (Refer to #3 )

5.  Wall Art:  The options are endless.  I suggest using mirrors if you do not have a window near your table.  I chose to use white trivets as wall art, because well why not. I brought in color with three mirrored pieces.  I scattered them, so they weren't in a perfect formation.

6.  Offset Pieces:  These pieces bring the room together and make it feel full and complete.  I used a ladder shelf in the corner to display fun objects I have collected over the years.  i also hung this awesome ceramic cactus hanger that I found at a recent Brooklyn Fair. You can purchase this piece from the talented Elizabeth Benotti.

Bonus:  The teacher in me loves to give a bonus :)  I have a few extra ideas for you to personalize your dining space.  You can blow up family recipes and frame them, create a chalkboard wall and write a menu or a list of helpful kitchen conversions, press and frame herbs that you grow in your garden, hang plates that spell your last name...The ideas are endless!!!!!

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