Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Backkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Whoever would have thought that wallpaper would make a comeback?   I am a big fan of wallpaper, because it can make a large room feel cozy, add visual interest to a space and create a great focal point.
I wanted my sitting room to have a bohemian yet sophisticated vibe.  The wallpaper I chose is called Farfalla by Nina Campbell.  It is impossible to find in the U.S., so I had it shipped overseas.  (Yes I am bananas and couldn't find a wallpaper in the whole United States that I liked.)  I added the same wallpaper inside the frame below to add a bit of visual interest to the space.
My master bathroom is a mixture of old meets new.  I wanted to keep a very clean white palette and make one unqiue wall. I chose Lacework in Ocean by Amy Butler, because the soft blues and floral pattern possess a calming feel. This wallpaper can be found at Graham & Brown. This is my favorite site for wallpaper, because it has a great variety of styles.

This paper is called Frames and it comes in Black & White at G & B.  Your family can fill in the frames with personal art and pictures.  Great for a playroom!
 Small square wallpaper found at G & B is paintable so you can make it any color you want!!  It adds a great texture to the wall.  Perfect behind a headboard!!
I have already spoken to you in my blog post  Express Yo'Shelves about using removable wallpaper.  This is perfect for renters or people who change their decor often.  The company Chasing Paper  sells amazing  wallpapers that can be put up and taken down easily.  Here is an image of Tri-Angled,  which is very interesting to the eye.  You can also use their paper on dressers and furniture to dress up a boring piece. 

Another super cool option is to use Temp Paper. It is a self adhesive wallpaper that you can paint over for an adult space or have kids create their own wallpaper, which is very clever! 

Beyond walls you can use wallpaper inside of drawers, as a black splash, on stairs, or put inside of frames if you cant commit to a whole wall. Get to it!!!


  1. Fun wallpaper ideas! If I had a bigger apartment I'd wallpaper at least one feature wall!