Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Party! Party! Party!

Who doesn't love a party?  There are so many things to celebrate in life, whether it is a birthday, engagement, graduation, the birth of a baby and more.  I love to be a part of special moments and I love love love party décorations.  In order to make a party memorable you have to give your guests something to remember.  I am a very visual person, so I will go through some of the most essential aspects of party planning and show you pictures from my son Shay's 1st birthday party that we celebrated this past Saturday. 

1.  You need to pick a theme.  A party without a theme is like eating the best pancakes you've ever had without syrup.  Something will feel like its missing.  The theme for my Shay's party was a BaByQ.  I wanted his invitation to evoke a mixture of little boy meets vintage barbecue (if that makes sense).  I think this invitation achieved that.  I worked with Sarah from Delight Paperie and together we created the perfect invitation. 

2.  You need to pick a destination.  Obviously a backyard is the perfect setting for a BBQ, so having the party at our house was a no brainer.  In addition to a destination you need age appropriate activities.   You can get an entertainer for a children's party, but we chose to put out an assortment of activities so the kids could play at their leisure.  We have a swing set, put out toys and blankets for the little ones,and two blow up pools. We put crayons, coloring books and bubbles on each table.  The kids had a blast!
3.  Menu is important, especially when you have to make kid friendly foods.  I made burgers, hotdogs, turkey burgers, veggie burgers and more.  You have to provide options for all of your guests.  Make sure you have juice boxes for the little ones, water bottles, lemonade, beer and most importantly Sangria :)  I used our Radio Flyer to keep the drinks cold and it was a cute little display as well.  I used striped paper straws to bring in the vintage feel and made fun drink tags to add to the party spirit. Also putting watermelon on sticks is a fun touch for the kids. 

4.  Part of the decor is the "person of honors" outfit.  Shay was dressed in a BaBy-Q utensil onesie, gingham suspenders, rolled up jeans and red Converse hightops.
5.  Cake is such an important element to a party.  Shay had a personal hamburger cake for his smash cake and the guests enjoyed a red velvet cake with a fun Barbecue landscape and red and white checkered sides.  I found the BBQ items online and Allison from The Sweet Peace in Lynbrook brought my vision to life. 
6.  Party favors are a must. I wanted to make a favor that was kid friendly, summerish (It's not a word but you get it), and stuck with the theme.  I stuffed beach pails with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and hamburger/hotdog lollipops.

7.  Have the best time and enjoy the day.  Not everything will be perfect, but it is about being with family and friends and the people who love you....oh and the decorations of course :) Here are a few more pictures from Shay's BaByQ.

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