Sunday, August 4, 2013

Step Into Color!!!!

I love making unique statements throughout my home as you know.   After months of watching my stairs get scuffed and look utterly boring I decided they needed a little love.  I was browsing the DENY Designs website the other day and stumbled upon this pillow.  This item is not my décor style per say, but I love the fading blue colors of the waves and it's relaxed feel.  I know it's just a pillow, but great ideas come from small things.  Living close to the beach my whole life gave me the need to bring the ocean into my home and the stairs were the perfect place to do so.
  If your stairs are not an option, you can always do this on your dresser drawers, a stool or a wall.  This DIY is so CHEAP and EASY!!!!  I went to my local paint store and went through a bunch of paint strips until I decided upon Benjamin Moore dolphin's cove, peacock feathers, rendezvous bay and bermuda turquoise. If you are lucky and have an even amount of stairs you can do 2 steps each and maybe even pick 5 colors.  I have 11 steps so I went in a 2-2-3-4 pattern to help the colors fade without seeming uneven to the eye. I bought a 2 inch angled brush, because it is easier to do the straight lines on the stairs, some painters tape and 4 pints of paint (the smallest size I could get.)  Each pint was $6 and I ended up spending a total of $35.00 for this project.  I put foil on a plate to save money and not buy the paint trays, especially since I would have to purchase 4 of them.  Oh and if you have kids and you want to know how to find the time to do this, the answer is Bubble Guppies and Puffs.

I think they are a perfect compliment to my simple white walls and natural wood steps.  Don't you agree?


In French ombre means a dark to light fade of color and I happen to be drawn to this look.  I chose a few great pieces that can  help you bring this ombre look into your home.   Do you think you would paint or buy an item to bring this color trend into your home? 
Anthropologie Ombre Flutter Throw

Wayfair Nuloom Pink Moderna Pink Ombre Rug

Ombre Colored Paper Globe Lanterns 

Target Threshold Lamp Base Blue Ombre

World Market Cool Ombre Stacking Mugs(***Great Reasonably Priced Website)

 If you have any questions feel free to email me


  1. So cool - literally - and you make it look so easy!