Saturday, September 14, 2013

I'm In Your Corner

I don't know if you are like me, but I often feel restless and bored with my home decor. It is not uncommon for my husband to come home to find furniture and paintings moved from room to room.  Whether you are busy with work, kids, or life, it is hard to get around to updating your home. That is why I think corners are the perfect place to start refreshing your digs. Updating nooks are great, because you do not have to feel overwhelmed redecorating a whole room and it doesn't require much time. Why not tackle small projects that pack a big punch? I am providing you with a list of fun and simple ways for you to add a little love to any corner of your home. 

1.  Chalkboard Shelf Wall (origin unknown): Chalkboard paint is very versatile.  You can use it for  writing notes and reminders and to help your kids practice penmanship. You can also integrate a quirky design element by playing on the idea of existing and non-existing shelving. This is done quite skillfully in the picture below.

2.  A plate wall is such an easy way to add a bit of personality to a small space.  This plate wall from mmmcrafts is perfection! Many of you must have plates that you have acquired over the years or received from relatives.  Why not use them to your advantage?

3.  I simply love a garland in the corner of a room. They are so easy to make on your own with a little ribbon, felt or fabric. This is a darling detail for any little girls room, especially as seen in this room by Coos-je.

4.  Emily Henderson  made the perfect nature nook by hanging a macrame plant hanger and putting plants and a terrarium on the corner of  her desk. I also enjoy how the desk, window panes and plant holders are all white, making the greenery really stand out. You can achieve this look in any corner using a small table.

5. Take any old chair, put it in the corner of a room and put a small table or tree stump next to it. Voila, you have a cozy reading nook.  I took this picture on Instagram at my local Anthropologie store, because I loved the styling and I am obsessed with their Corrigan Chair. 

6.  Who says a hammock has to be outside? You can create a great reading and lounging retreat in your home. This takes guts, but if done correctly, as seen in this picture, you will have the coolest house on the block. (origin not found)

7.  Just about everyone has paintings, art prints and photographs they would like to display.  A corner frame and picture wall is a great option for people who live in apartments or do not have large walls to work with .  I love the colors and cheery artwork used by  Lilli Bulle.

8.  Mirrors open up a space and are pretty much a design staple .  I love how After-Dinner Design painted each mirror the same color.  This idea can be used in a shabby chic cottage home.  Paint the mirrors bright colors or metallics for the traditional or contemporary home.
 9.  Why not utilize the box of frames that are accumulating in your basement?  I  removed the glass and backing of my picture frames and painted them all white.  I hung them above my bed for a contrast against the blue focal wall.  They really bring an interesting accent in my bedroom .   You can do this in any corner of your home by painting a small wall and hanging empty frames. How easy and inexpensive, right?

10.  Make a statement in any corner by making a table bar.  Amelia Eichholz of colour BLOC creates a flawless bar display and I love how she uses books to store the glasses.  How smart!

11.  Take an old crate or drawer, paint or wallpaper the inside and hang them on the wall as shelving.  This is such a cheap and simple way to make unique shelving in your home.  You can leave the crate as is for a rustic look.  This crate wall by Woon Blog is sophisticated and looks expensive.

12.  Below the Lalole Blog uses the Ikea Ribba Picture Ledges for book storage in a small kids space.  By the way, they are only $9.99!!! You can obviously use them for pictures.   If you do this, I suggest keeping all the frames and pictures the same color.  Black frames and Sepia is always a good choice.

 13.  Add a bit a joy to a room by putting pom poms in the corner.  I chose 5 colors for my daughter's room.  I think they look feminine and sweet. I purchased my pom poms from Pom Goddess.

Which corner idea is your favorite? 

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  1. This was awesome! love all the mirrors painted white. May have to use that one. These are fun and easy things that anyone can do. Thanks for sharing

  2. This was awesome! love all the mirrors painted white. May have to use that one. These are fun and easy things that anyone can do. Thanks for sharing

  3. Wonderful tips to create awesome corners!!! I love the "corner gallery wall" It looks fantastic!! I'd like to share with you my dictionary art prints...think you'll enjoy them!!! Take a look: