Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick & Easy DIY: 1st Edition

This has been such a busy and exciting week for me with the birth of my new niece Lily Addison, but I still found time for a little home project. Coming off of last weeks post, "I'm in Your Corner", I decided to spruce up the wall at the top of my staircase. I love wood embroidery hoops, because they are inexpensive and easy to make. I bought hoops of varying sizes at my local Michaels and went to Joanne Fabrics to purchase small pieces of fabric. I decided to do a color scheme of navy and white, because with the large amount hoops, I didn't want the wall to seem too busy.  All you need is wood embroidery hoops, fabric and a scissor.  Some people like to glue the fabric onto the hoop, but I chose not to so I can change the fabric whenever I like.  I will show you how to make these fabric hoops for your home. 
I purchased a bunch of wood embroidery hoops at varied sizes.

An example of mixing patterns, but staying within the same color scheme.

Put the fabric in the hoop and pull tight.

Flip over the hoop and cut away the excess fabric
All done! 
My Hoop Wall. 
 This look can be achieved in any room of your liking. I will provide you with examples of pre-made embroidery hoops, the rooms they would look great in and the link to where you can purchase them.

Kitchen:  A Kitschy Kitchen
Playroom: This Freckled Flower
Office:  Ines Rocio
Little Boy's Room: Oliver's Fancy
Little Girl's Room: Little Bug Art

Bathroom:  Squeeze Cuddles
Adult Living Room: Designs By Nancy
Nursery:  The Papery Nook

Which room would you make a hoop wall in?


  1. Awesome!!! Thank you... Love the look of your blog... I'll poke around and get some more ideas from these fabulous examples... Cheers

  2. Welcome to your niece Lily. Tracy thank you for featuring my Sunshine embroidery hoop art. This post features many beautiful handmade goodies. Thanks Julia

  3. Thank you Megan!!! Julia your hoops are amazing!! Parola di Laura...I appreciate you stopping in :)