Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Money....No Problem

My husband and I purchased our house when we were 26 years old, on our 1 year wedding anniversary. It was small and charming and most importantly it was ours. We have luckily been able to build upon our little 2 bedroom house and make it into our forever house. I am a very impatient person when it comes to having an idea and wanting to execute it right away, except when it comes to my kitchen. It is a great layout, but I refuse to put a great deal of money into it until I can build the kitchen of my dreams. When we first moved in, we painted the cabinets white, installed knobs and put in a glass tile black splash ourselves. After the remodel we built two shelves over the sink where a window used to be. I try to be thrifty and creative when it comes to making my antiquated kitchen still visually pleasing. I have grown to love my little outdated kitchen, because even though it doesn't have granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, it is warm and inviting. Last week I decided to give our kitchen a little bit of love by restyling and backing the shelves, removing cabinet doors, adding a small chalkboard wall and mixing in a lot of warm accents. I wanted the dominant colors to be greens, browns and whites. I brought in wood, wicker and glass to add different textures. Adding paintings, books and clocks is a great way to make any space seem cozy.  There are no rules!!  Books do not have to be on bookshelves and clocks do not need to be on night tables. I decluttered the face of my refrigerator and used wicker baskets to hold items I need easy access to on my counter-tops . The only thing I purchased for this kitchen facelift was five sheets of scrap paper that I bought for 69 cents each.  They look very similar to the expensive grass cloth wallpaper people use in their homes. All of the kitchen items, books, frames, paints used for the rest of the process were materials that were already in my home.  I am going to begin by showing you two  pictures of how the kitchen looked when I first moved in. 

I removed the cabinet doors of the oh so common unused cabinet above the refrigerator. I backed them with the scrap paper below and painted them white.

Here is the scrap paper I backed the open cabinets with.  They add texture and warmth to the space.
Here is the finished cabinet above the refrigerator.  I styled the shelf with cookbooks, herbs, a cookie jar and more.  I think it really gives this neglected space a purpose. 
I did the same thing to this cabinet. I love the my Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mugs with the first initial of our family members. They are the perfect housewarming gift! 

Here is the shelf my husband and I built to avoid paying for new cabinetry. I used vintage and new kitchen items, frames, flowers, books and more to give it a welcoming appearance.
Here is my Katie Daisy print that I mentioned in my Besties of Etsy blog. I leaned it on my counter top, because well why not.  I think it embodies the essence of kitchen charm that I was going for.  I use a small cutting board to hold my homemade vanilla sugar scrub, my ring holder and soap.
Here is my little chalkboard back splash wall.  I saw a font I liked online and went for it. In the future I can put recipes and other fun things on the wall. I think it gives the kitchen that coffee shop vibe I love so much.
I painted these breakfast bar stools white and teal.
Do you like how it turned out?  I hope I have motivated you to use items around your house to make the most out of any room in your home.  All you need is a little imagination and love.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I Had A Million Dollars..........

I am constantly looking online and in magazines for design inspiration. As I do this, I frequently stumble upon pictures of rooms and design ideas that are pretty much unattainable. I am talking about the over the top homes with two story closets and indoor spas. Of course we can all dream about hitting the lottery or becoming super successful, but realistically these luxurious spaces are just great to look at.  I wanted to share a few of the amazing rooms I have found, but remember, this is purely for fun and no one can stop us from dreaming. We all know it is more important to be rich with love than money blah blah blah.  Onto the fun part!!!!!!!

Let's start with these Master Bathrooms. French doors, a separate sink space and a huge make up counter, hmmmm don't mind if I do.  A fireplace in front of my deep amazing bath tub would be a little bit better than terrific.
Jen Gleysteen Architects 

After my relaxing bath I wouldn't mind spending a relaxing evening in this serene Master Bedroom.

 Getting dressed for any women shouldn't be too hard in this two story closet. I am pretty sure the men wouldn't be too bummed to get ready for the lame events his wife is dragging him too if he had this closet himself.

 If I want to have friends over or host the holidays, I think this set up would be pretty sweet for any living room.  This sofa is beyond amazing!   

Google London Office

In my opinion, nothing is better than a pristine white kitchen with built ins and a cozy dining space. Oh, and floor to ceiling cabinets with mini trey ceilings would be lovely.

The Federal Style House

Hey and why not throw in a  loaded pantry with it's very own coffee station.

Busy Cabinets
The storybook staircase leading down to the playroom is a nice touch.

Oh and obviously all kids need a special playroom with a built in tree house,  personal stores, homework spaces and cloud ceilings.  Duh!!!!

 When kids are tired of playing they can read a book and wind down in this simple little library.

While the kids are reading, you and your significant other can relax in your indoor pool and hot tub.  Why not have a glass of wine at the swim up bar and than sit by the fire while your at it.

How about a family movie night???

Melanie Turner of Turner Davis Interiors

If your older child is having a friend or two sleep over,  I am sure these super awesome bunk beds would please their friends. Why not include a sitting area or hey a slide for that matter?

I am pretty sure any young boy would think this room is pretty cool.  This mom is so smart she needed extra storage so why not make a carousel to hold more items?  Why didn't I think of that for Shay's room?

 In the summer I love to have people over for BBQ's. Cooking sure would be fun in this outdoor kitchen.

 If you get hot while cooking those ribs you can take a dip in the pool.

And than a nap on this outdoor bed.

The kids can play in the little old tree house.

Any little princess needs their very own carriage or crib with over the top bedding to take naps in.  Preggo's take notes!

Winery Shminery, why not opt for your very own wine cellar with relaxing seating for four?

Velvet & Linen: Brooke Gianetti
 Doing laundry wouldn't be too bad in this Laundry Room.  I might even fold the clothes without huffing and puffing that "it never ends."

Let's not forget what every man wants in their lives, their very own man cave.  I think Nick would even watch the Steeler's lose with a smile in this room.

This was so much fun!!!!  I will leave you with this quote to put everything into perspective. Stay humble!

Which space is your favorite? Tell me on my blog or at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about your kids costumes and yummy treats.  As you know from my Teepee Blog , I cannot sew, but I get nutty with a glue gun. I want to share a few of the costumes I have created.  They are so inexpensive and easy to make.  Although my daughter insisted on getting a store bought costume this year (booooooo.........pun intended), I decided to make treats with her instead. During Halloween, making costumes and baking with your children creates memories that they will keep with them forever.

Joey's First Halloween Costume :Smartie Pants (no she did not try to eat the candies). This costume was so easy to make. I took a white long sleeved onesie and glued the sparkly letters onto her shirt.  Than I glued a bunch of smarties onto a pair of comfy pants. I think the whole cost of the costume was $8.

Joey's 2nd Halloween:  We did a play on her name: Joey Reese's Pieces.  (again she did not eat the candy).  I glued Reese's Pieces onto a headband, shirt and tutu.  Than I glued an actual candy package onto the shirt and used bubble paint to try to make her name look like part of the logo.  Another cheap & easy costume. 
Joeys 3rd & Shay's 1st Halloween:  My daughter randomly enough asked to be a biker.  I just bought a bunch of Harley Davidson stuff on Ebay and utilized an outfit my son received from a close family friend.  I teased out Joey's hair and gave her a mole and red lipstick.  I gave Shay chops and a bandana.  Don't they look rough and tough? 

Joey is really into baking so together we made delicious chocolate witches hats.  These treats are yummy and perfect for a Halloween party.  Prepare to get super messy!!!
The Ingredients:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cones, Mini M&M's and chocolate for melting.
Put chocolate in a bowl and microwave for 45 seconds.
Mix the chocolate into a sauce.
Brush the chocolate sauce onto a chocolate chip cookie

Brush the chocolate sauce onto the sugar cone as well.

Place the cone on top of the cookie
Decorate the witches hats with the mini M&M's.
Share your fabulous witches hats with  all of your friends!

Halloween is really about the kids and I hope this post inspired you to create something special with (not for) them.  Please share any costumes or treats you have created in the past or this season on my blog or Facebook page. Happy Halloween!!!!