Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eat, Drink & Be Scary

Halloween is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about your kids costumes and yummy treats.  As you know from my Teepee Blog , I cannot sew, but I get nutty with a glue gun. I want to share a few of the costumes I have created.  They are so inexpensive and easy to make.  Although my daughter insisted on getting a store bought costume this year (booooooo.........pun intended), I decided to make treats with her instead. During Halloween, making costumes and baking with your children creates memories that they will keep with them forever.

Joey's First Halloween Costume :Smartie Pants (no she did not try to eat the candies). This costume was so easy to make. I took a white long sleeved onesie and glued the sparkly letters onto her shirt.  Than I glued a bunch of smarties onto a pair of comfy pants. I think the whole cost of the costume was $8.

Joey's 2nd Halloween:  We did a play on her name: Joey Reese's Pieces.  (again she did not eat the candy).  I glued Reese's Pieces onto a headband, shirt and tutu.  Than I glued an actual candy package onto the shirt and used bubble paint to try to make her name look like part of the logo.  Another cheap & easy costume. 
Joeys 3rd & Shay's 1st Halloween:  My daughter randomly enough asked to be a biker.  I just bought a bunch of Harley Davidson stuff on Ebay and utilized an outfit my son received from a close family friend.  I teased out Joey's hair and gave her a mole and red lipstick.  I gave Shay chops and a bandana.  Don't they look rough and tough? 

Joey is really into baking so together we made delicious chocolate witches hats.  These treats are yummy and perfect for a Halloween party.  Prepare to get super messy!!!
The Ingredients:  Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sugar Cones, Mini M&M's and chocolate for melting.
Put chocolate in a bowl and microwave for 45 seconds.
Mix the chocolate into a sauce.
Brush the chocolate sauce onto a chocolate chip cookie

Brush the chocolate sauce onto the sugar cone as well.

Place the cone on top of the cookie
Decorate the witches hats with the mini M&M's.
Share your fabulous witches hats with  all of your friends!

Halloween is really about the kids and I hope this post inspired you to create something special with (not for) them.  Please share any costumes or treats you have created in the past or this season on my blog or Facebook page. Happy Halloween!!!!


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  2. I love the smartie pants costume so much (I kinda want to dress that way for Halloween). I really enjoy your blog and I've nominated you for a Sunshine Award:

    1. That is so sweet!! I will pay it forward :) Thank you