Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I Had A Million Dollars..........

I am constantly looking online and in magazines for design inspiration. As I do this, I frequently stumble upon pictures of rooms and design ideas that are pretty much unattainable. I am talking about the over the top homes with two story closets and indoor spas. Of course we can all dream about hitting the lottery or becoming super successful, but realistically these luxurious spaces are just great to look at.  I wanted to share a few of the amazing rooms I have found, but remember, this is purely for fun and no one can stop us from dreaming. We all know it is more important to be rich with love than money blah blah blah.  Onto the fun part!!!!!!!

Let's start with these Master Bathrooms. French doors, a separate sink space and a huge make up counter, hmmmm don't mind if I do.  A fireplace in front of my deep amazing bath tub would be a little bit better than terrific.
Jen Gleysteen Architects 

After my relaxing bath I wouldn't mind spending a relaxing evening in this serene Master Bedroom.

 Getting dressed for any women shouldn't be too hard in this two story closet. I am pretty sure the men wouldn't be too bummed to get ready for the lame events his wife is dragging him too if he had this closet himself.

 If I want to have friends over or host the holidays, I think this set up would be pretty sweet for any living room.  This sofa is beyond amazing!   

Google London Office

In my opinion, nothing is better than a pristine white kitchen with built ins and a cozy dining space. Oh, and floor to ceiling cabinets with mini trey ceilings would be lovely.

The Federal Style House

Hey and why not throw in a  loaded pantry with it's very own coffee station.

Busy Cabinets
The storybook staircase leading down to the playroom is a nice touch.

Oh and obviously all kids need a special playroom with a built in tree house,  personal stores, homework spaces and cloud ceilings.  Duh!!!!

 When kids are tired of playing they can read a book and wind down in this simple little library.

While the kids are reading, you and your significant other can relax in your indoor pool and hot tub.  Why not have a glass of wine at the swim up bar and than sit by the fire while your at it.

How about a family movie night???

Melanie Turner of Turner Davis Interiors

If your older child is having a friend or two sleep over,  I am sure these super awesome bunk beds would please their friends. Why not include a sitting area or hey a slide for that matter?

I am pretty sure any young boy would think this room is pretty cool.  This mom is so smart she needed extra storage so why not make a carousel to hold more items?  Why didn't I think of that for Shay's room?

 In the summer I love to have people over for BBQ's. Cooking sure would be fun in this outdoor kitchen.

 If you get hot while cooking those ribs you can take a dip in the pool.

And than a nap on this outdoor bed.

The kids can play in the little old tree house.

Any little princess needs their very own carriage or crib with over the top bedding to take naps in.  Preggo's take notes!

Winery Shminery, why not opt for your very own wine cellar with relaxing seating for four?

Velvet & Linen: Brooke Gianetti
 Doing laundry wouldn't be too bad in this Laundry Room.  I might even fold the clothes without huffing and puffing that "it never ends."

Let's not forget what every man wants in their lives, their very own man cave.  I think Nick would even watch the Steeler's lose with a smile in this room.

This was so much fun!!!!  I will leave you with this quote to put everything into perspective. Stay humble!

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  1. Ok. This is hard to choose... I like the bathroom for me and the carriage bed for my daughter. My husband would love the theater room. Showing love from Mom Bloggers Club.

  2. I love looking at all these gorgeous spaces, and then I laugh because they look so pristine for the photo shoot it makes it hard to see that someone actually lives there (where are the hand- and footprints in that all-white kitchen)? It would be easier getting my son up for school if there was a slide attached to his bed though!

  3. Wow... first, you are a person after my heart. I love, love, love interior design. I would probably have to have go with the pantry with the coffee station. We have a lovely home but no pantry (and no closet close enough to fake one). Beautiful storage will always win my affection. I found you on Mom Bloggers Club and would love if you dropped by In the meantime, keep the dream material coming. A girl has to work towards something :)

  4. Where did you find the picture of the treehouse? I would love the floor plan for that.

  5. I'm assuming a woman wrote the comments for the photos for this article. I'm amazed at how many errors there are in spelling and grammar, as well as how often this person misnamed things in the rooms, things that are so common, nobody should make mistakes naming them. Seems to be how bloggers make their living, though--don't write with intelligence, just put everything out there the same way they talk.