Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Apple Cinnamon Sangria Recipe (on blog due to popular demand)

 Enjoy this fall weather & Happy Hour by making some yummy Apple Cinnamon Sangria!! Below is my recipe and it came out great!!

{What You'll Need}
3 red apples
1 bottle of white wine (any will work)
3 cups apple cider
A few dashes of cinnamon
2 teaspoons of ginger
2 teaspoons of cloves
6 cinnamon Sticks
1 bottle of club soda

* Add more or less of each ingredient. Keep tasting!

For the Rim:
I mixed a few tablespoons of sugar and cinnamon and attached it to the rim using maple syrup.

*Pour the white wine into a pitcher. Add the apple cider, cut the apples and drop them in, put in the spices and add the cinnamon sticks. Line the rim with the maple syrup and dip the glass into the sugar/cinnamon mixture. Add the club soda into each cup (not the pitcher) to add a little carbonation. Do not put it in the pitcher, because it can make the sangria taste flat. Drink up!!!!

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