Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lil Picasso's

What do I do with all of this artwork? If you are a parent, you probably have asked yourself this question.  If you are not, than take notes and remember this blog post for the future, because it will inevitably become your dilemna as well. There is only so much artwork, invitations and notices you can hang on your cluttered refrigerator. Why not make a special place in your home to showcase your children's masterpieces?  It is super important to encourage and nurture a young creative mind. Before creating an art display I decided it must be:

 1. Affordable: I wasn't about to spend over $100 on a fancy name brand art wall system.

 2. Sophisticated: Meaning not childish and banished to the playroom. I wanted to showcase my daughter's art in the center of my home for all eyes to see and didn't want it to feel out of place.

3. Interchangeable: I wanted it to be easy to rotate artwork as it came home from school.

4.  Impressionable: Make a statement.  An art wall can be a complete focal wall whether it is made by Van Gogh or Joey Reese Gatto. (I prefer the latter)

This is what I came up with...steal it!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this 36" x 48" Natural Cork Board at the Container Store. It is the perfect size and only $39.99, very affordable for a large wood framed bulletin board. It comes with the mounting hardware as well. I than spray painted it white using Krylon Flat White Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint. The spray was only $4.19 and works perfectly on wood and cork. I painted it white,because my walls are white and I wanted the board to blend in and let the art speak for itself.  I spent about $50 total, tax included.
Here is the finished product. Isn't it glorious? Now get to it, your kids smile will be well worth it.

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  1. Super cute! I used to hang my kids' artwork on the pantry door. Once the door was full, I'd take a photo of my child standing next to his/her art display to save for the future. Then, they'd pick their favorite piece to save forever. It was fun watching how the artwork changed as my kids grew. Now they're all grown up!