Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy Home Fix: Gatto Family Mudroom

Every morning before I drive my daughter to school, I go crazy looking for her shoes, jackets, and gloves. Are you like me and searching for things every single morning?

One day I was staring at the walls next to the bathroom door across from my side entryway and a light bulb went off in my head. This was a small yet underutilized space in my home and  I was determined to make it into a pretty and functional mudroom for my family. 
It is hard to get a good picture of the space because it is so narrow and facing a door.  I used the walls on both sides of the bathroom door, which is on the right side of this picture.

First I had my carpenter build shelves above and to the sides of the doors. Next we added two benches with storage below and mounted double hooks on a piece of wood for our coats.  My husband painted the walls white using a stain resistant primer to avoid the wood stains that often bleed through. Please excuse the baby photo bomb below. 

Next, to add a bit of style, I wallpapered the space between the built ins with a bohemian/morrocan wallpaper. This pattern plays upon the vibe and colors found in the rest of my home. I wanted it to be colorful and feel welcoming when you first walk through the door. Next, I went to Jolene Fabrics and found a red fabric that had a similar feel to the wallpaper. I bought two rectangular foam pieces and cut them down to the size of the benches. I took them to my local tailor and she made custom bench covers for me (make sure they include a zipper on your covers, so you can wash them when needed). I found the wicker baskets in Homegoods.  

Yes that is my daughter's cute tush in the middle of the pic. I think these kids want to be a part of this blog post whether I like it or not :)
 Now I have a stylish, organized and practical mudroom. I could not be happier! Do you need a space like this in your home? All you need is a free wall and a little creativity!