Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paint Party Checklist

My daughter Joey is very creative and artsy. She wanted to have a painting party for her 4th birthday. Here is a checklist to plan the ultimate art party. 
Paint Party Checklist
  • Search for a great art inspired invitation: I love this invitation because they are feminine, but not overly girly. There is just enough to relay the theme of the party without being cheesy.
  • Make a theme inspired outfit:  Joey & I splatter painted a pair of black leggings as well as a black bow. I bought a rainbow colored custom name DIY rhinestud iron on transfer and put it on her jean vest. Doesn't she look fantastic?

  • Get a special manicure: Every year I take my daughter for a special birthday manicure. I ordered splatter paint nail decals and we painted her nails white so the sticker would stand out. 

  •  Have their sibling give them a shout out: Joey's little brother wore a shirt that said, "My big sister Joey rocks."  

  •  Make paint party pops: These were such a hit and the kids loved them. Here is what you need to do.
  1. First make rice krispee treats and before they cool cut them into squares.
  2. After they cool a little bit, put them onto a medium sized stick.
  3. Melt the colored chocolate
  4. Dip the tips of the treats into the chocolate. 

  • Get your child a personalized apron: They can wear this while they paint, so they can feel special and not get paint on their birthday outfit. Joey's had to be pink of course.  

  • Purchase a Great Cake: the new rage for party cakes is called the "pull-apart cake." It is amazing for kids parties. The top looks like a regular cake, but it is actually made of cupcakes. This makes it easy to serve and eat for the little ones.  
In Addition: I put M& M's on the treat table in art palette holders and made a cute favor sign on a miniature canvas and easel. 

  • Make Paint Can Favors:  I bought plastic paint cans and put a thank you label around the can with my daughters name in the middle. The top lid label says, "Thank You For Making My Party A Masterpiece." I made a miniature favor canvas for the favor table and I got art inspired fillers.

  • Order Cute Thank You Cards: I am a stickler for writing out thank you cards and sending them as soon as possible. It is always nice to get a hand written thank you. My daughter signed her name on each card and decorated the envelopes.

  • Have the best time and take pictures: My daughter's huge smile throughout the whole party made all of this preparation worth it!