Thursday, May 29, 2014

CAUTION: Office Under Construction & A Few DIY's

An office is an overlooked space often filled with depressing practical decor. I think a workspace should be visually inspiring and full of creative energy. I chose three adjectives to sum up my desired office style: bright, pretty, and eclectic. Try it! It will give your design some direction right from the start. If you are like me and usually have 1,000 crazy ideas running through your head, it is important to have an organized place for them to go. I will give you a peek into my office project so far and a few cute DIY's that you can do for your space. Enjoy!
DIY #1: Mason jars are great items for office storage. I decided to paint them teal and hot pink. First squeeze about an inch of mod podge to the bottom of the jar. Next add a bit of paint and mix it so that it is the right color. Put the jar upside down and let it dry for 24 hours. I decided to paint the caps as well. I chose to use my jars to store colored pencils, paper clips and shells that my daughter and I collected and painted together.
DIY #2: My clipboard project is simple and a great way to artistically express yourself. I cut a piece of wrapping paper down to the size of the plain clipboard and used mod podge once again to adhere the paper to the board. (I should be the spokesperson for mod podge) I cut the excess paper around the sides and decorated them with quotes, pictures and art that I love. You can use them for more sensible reasons like holding important papers, but that is no fun.
On my shelves, I have boxes that I use for storage, memo pads, washi tape, and other office supplies.  I believe decor should be functional and attractive at the same time. The artwork was either painted by me or purchased on Etsy.

This is the same bulletin board I used for my Lil Picasso's Blog. This time I painted the border a bright pink. I use my cork board to put up quotes, thoughts, artwork, business cards, work-related items, paint colors and anything I find inspirational or visually pleasing. The pom pom garland is a custom piece and I just love it.


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